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3D culture of cancer cells
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Cancer Cell Signalling 

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Congratulations to Lara Toffoli, our team member, for winning the European Society of Endocrinology Basic Science Meeting Grant award! We are proud to have such talented individuals on our team.

New Manuscript Pubblished 

Our review titled "Decoding the Tumour Microenvironment: Molecular Players, Pathways, and Therapeutic Targets in Cancer Treatment" has been published in the Journal "Cancers". We would like to thank our collaborators at the University of Sussex and our former alumni Manuel Adamo, Elisa Zamprogno, and Viviana Vella for their contributions. The main author of the manuscript is our very own Eleonora Malavasi.

New Research Collaboration with University of Sussex Leads to Breakthrough in Brain Cancer Treatment

We're thrilled to announce a groundbreaking collaboration between the University of Udine and the University of Sussex that has resulted in a significant advancement in the treatment of aggressive brain cancer.
In a study recently published in the journal "Advanced Science," researchers from our team at the University of Udine, in collaboration with our esteemed colleagues at the University of Sussex, have made a remarkable discovery. By investigating the role of a little-studied protein, PANK4, in glioblastoma, a highly invasive form of brain cancer, we have uncovered a potential breakthrough in cancer therapy.
Our findings reveal that targeting the PANK4 protein can enhance the effectiveness of chemotherapy treatment for glioblastoma. Removing this protein from tumor cells has been shown to improve their response to chemotherapy, offering new hope for patients facing this challenging disease.
We are proud to have played a part in this important research collaboration and look forward to further advancements in the field of cancer treatment.
New Insights Alert! Our recent paper sheds light on colorectal carcinoma treatment strategies. We examined organoids from CRC patients and explored the effects of HDACIs. SAHA induces apoptosis in TP53-mutated CRC organoids, while NKL54 shows limited efficacy. Read more:  

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Teresa Gagliano

Unlocking Cancer's Secrets Through Innovative Research.

An international recognized research lab

At the Teresa Gagliano Lab, we are dedicated to advancing our knowledge of cancer cell biology and the impact it has on the body. Our team is made up of highly experienced researchers who specialize in cancer-related projects, such as neuroendocrine tumor, colorectal cancer, and tumor microenvironment. Our lab is a combination of basic science and translational research, and we utilize primary cultures, organoids, and multicellular 3D cell spheroids to further explore these topics. We are committed to providing the best research and insights to our community and making groundbreaking discoveries in the field.

“La scienza, come la poesia, si sa che sta ad un passo dalla follia.”
“Science, like poetry, is known to be one step away from madness.”
Leonardo Sciascia, Italian writer 

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