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Cancer Cell Signalling 

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Teresa Gagliano

Unlocking Cancer's Secrets Through Innovative Research.

An international recognized research lab

At the Teresa Gagliano Lab, we are dedicated to advancing our knowledge of cancer cell biology and the impact it has on the body. Our team is made up of highly experienced researchers who specialize in cancer-related projects, such as neuroendocrine tumor, colorectal cancer, and tumor microenvironment. Our lab is a combination of basic science and translational research, and we utilize primary cultures, organoids, and multicellular 3D cell spheroids to further explore these topics. We are committed to providing the best research and insights to our community and making groundbreaking discoveries in the field.

“La scienza, come la poesia, si sa che sta ad un passo dalla follia.”
“Science, like poetry, is known to be one step away from madness.”
Leonardo Sciascia, Italian writer 

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