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Congrats Lara!

Lara has been awarded the ESE Basic Science Meeting Grant to attend the annual European Congress of Endocrinology in 2024. Congratulations, Lara!


July, 18th 2023

The News section of our Research site is dedicated to bringing you the latest updates on the research conducted by our team. We are proud to announce that our lead researcher, Dr. Vella, has recently earned her PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Sussex. This is an incredible accomplishment and we are excited to see the impact she will have on our research. Dr. Vella's expertise in Biochemistry will be invaluable as we continue to explore the exciting possibilities in our field. Stay tuned for more news as our research progresses.

August 10th 2023
Research Topic: Gender Pressure in Cancer: Susceptibility, Progression and Treatment of the Neoplastic Disease

The article collection for this research focuses on the role gender plays in the susceptibility, progression and treatment of cancer. It covers a wide range of topics including the differences in cancer risk between male and female patients, the effects of gender-based treatment approaches, and the role of gender in the diagnosis and management of cancer. The collection also provides insight into the ways in which gender can influence cancer outcomes and the strategies that can be employed to reduce gender-based disparities in cancer care. All articles are peer-reviewed and provide the latest evidence-based information on gender and cancer.

For reading all the articles of the collection please visit

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